Welcome to zevyoura.com, my personal home on the web. I'm Zev Youra, a 24 year old software developer living in San Francisco. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the University of Michigan in April 2011, and currently work at Google.

Web Projects

One Shot

An open-source entry in Ludum Dare #28; this web game is written in Coffeescript using the canvas element and no underlying graphics or game libraries. Must use Chrome or a touch device.

Canvas Experiments

A variety of experiments in Javascript using the canvas element. The minimal clock is also available as an extension for Google Chrome, replacing the new tab page.

Balance of Power

A visualization of the party affiliation in the U.S. Congress from its creation to the present. Created using d3.js and this data set.


An incomplete web app that allows users to create triangulated, pseudo "low poly" designs from any image.

City Sizing & The Area Game

A little visualization of imaginary city sizes based on the populations and densities of real places, and a little educational geography game about the relative sizes of different countries.